When it came to creating Llumic in our home of Sweden, our story is simple. As a girl, we wanted to feel pretty and comfortable with our panties but found limited options when it came to purchasing exactly what we wanted when it came to design and quality. We get tired of the pure colours and look much the same panties in the local market or online. They are not fun to wear!! YES, The G-String and thongs are beautiful and sexy, but we can not wear them everyday!! Or we finally found some really beautiful panties with good design! Check the price, €30-70?! Oh, Sorry, As a young lady, my wallet said a big no!


Luckily, we have been worked in the textile industry in the past few years and corporate with many excellent supplier in Hong Kong, we discovered those lovely undies that are simple yet elegant with their special design and chic style. Most importantly, the suppliers we worked with for long years, are always keep its premier quality and efficient supply chain. Before the Convid-19 Pandemic, we have been visited many fabric mills in Hong Kong and got a lot of fabric samples. When we checked the samples from some supplier, we both thought like, OH, Well that's it, We need it!

 So until last year, our story started, we started our own Studio. We chose the products, join the design process of designers, taking pictures for our products, calling with the suppliers almost everyday, we prepare our warehouse in Sweden and Hong Kong....We are small, but we are growing!

We want to create a place where other girls could find exactly what we were looking for. Comfortable and lovely panties! We decided on a plethora of options from snug fitting lace that defines and highlights feminine curves, to light comfortable fabrics with beautiful designs. Yep, That is why you would find, each of our product is special and has their own design which you cannot find in other stores!

Panties are the most intimate, private, sensual and girly piece of clothing we can put on our bodies. Whether you are looking to create a little desire under your dress, you are posing for a sultry bedroom selfie, you can find what you are needing at Llumic. 

We think underwear is a technology of our most inner self. Great underwear gives you a lift, and makes you feel better about yourself because when you feel better about yourself it improves your mood and fends off negative energy.  Every woman deserves to feel incredible in our own skin, which starts with a nice pair of undies.     

If you are looking for undies that make you feel comfortable in your own skin, and you are ready to embrace being free from the judgement of others, then browse our website to see all of the amazing options you truly have.  Frilly, floral prints and lace patterns help you feel girly, playful, flirty and fun. Start living by your own principals and choose undergarments that represent who you truly are inside.