♡ Fabrics

Our fabrics are carefully designed to hug every inch of your body and give your skin the care it deserves. Our fabrics consist mainly of cotton, lace, satin, modal, mesh, regenerated fiber, mulberry silk. Most of our panties are made with 100% cotton liners. 

♡ Fulfillment 

We fulfill all orders by hand and package every order with love. Our fulfillment centre is local to ensure all products can be processed and packaged quickly and efficiently. All of our underwear goes through a quality control check to ensure every single customer receives the highest quality product.  

♡ Our mission

We are born because we were tired of having to choose between overly-sexualised lingerie or beige basics that left us feeling uninspired. We want to create a place where girls could find comfortable and lovely panties! We decided on a plethora of options from snug fitting lace that defines and highlights feminine curves, to light comfortable fabrics with beautiful designs. Yep, That is why you would find, each of our product is special and has their own design which you cannot find in other stores!

We think underwear is a technology of our most inner self. Great underwear gives you a lift, and makes you feel better about yourself because when you feel better about yourself it improves your mood and fends off negative energy.  Every woman deserves to feel incredible in our own skin, which starts with a nice pair of undies.     

If you are looking for undies that make you feel comfortable in your own skin, and you are ready to embrace being free from the judgement of others, then browse our website to see all of the amazing options you truly have.  Frilly, floral prints and lace patterns help you feel girly, playful, flirty and fun. Start living by your own principals and choose undergarments that represent who you truly are inside.