Do you really know how to correctly wash panties?

Our panties is the first part of our outfit that we put on. Most girls know that putting a pair of clean panty should be as much of a part of daily routine as brushing teeth and washing face. But apparently, what constitutes "clean" isn't quite as simple as you might think. From a research of University of Arizona, in a study of students’ panties, they determined that the average pair of underwear contains about 0.1g of faeces and maybe be as great as 10g. 

Not kidding, unhygienic or dirty panties can lead to several health hazards. Research says nearly 40% of women wear the same panties for two or more days. If you’re one among them, get to know how it impacts your health.

We recommend always washing your panties after each use, to keep yourself and your underwear fresh. So please follow our tips and steps to wash your lovely panties.

Don’t throw them in with your normal laundry load. Ideally you'd hand wash all of your underwear.

It can be easy to throw in your underwear along with the remaining laundry. BUT, you should not do this. Washing machines can be harsh, leading to rips, bent wires, and faded fabrics. A lot of panties are made of fine and delicate material and should always be hand washed to maintain its quality, like your delicate sheer or seamless numbers—fares better when you hand wash it. Join us and we will go through it step by step.       


Always separate your panties by colors while washing to avoid colour transfer.

Step #1:

Start by pouring lukewarm water and mixing it with a mild detergent. Be careful not to take too much detergent, take a little less than you had done in machine washing.

If this is the first time you are washing your new underwear, we recommend that you add a little salt to the water. The salt helps your underwear retain its colors and maintains a continued freshness.

Step #2:

Carefully wash your underwear in the water and focus on areas where body fluids, oil and bacteria can occur. Rub with your fingers or a brush to get sensitive areas really clean. Stir them into the water to make sure all the dirt comes off.

Step #3:

Let your underwear sit in the water for about 5 - 15 minutes before picking them up. The more underwear you wash at the same time, the longer it is better to let them lie.

Step #4.

Rinse your underwear thoroughly in clean water before picking them up. Have two clean towels prepared. Put your clean underwear on the towel. Then place your second towel on top, gently squeezing out the remaining water. Then hang them up to dry.

Hand wash is a must for underwear that is made of delicate and fine material, such as silk and lace.
Now you might say, "no, it takes a lot of time. "
I *have* to put them in the machine! 
OK, Well, You can do it , but please use a lingerie bag!

Lingerie bags are inexpensive mesh bags that can be used to separate your undergarments from the rest of your laundry. This is a solid solution when you have a few pairs to wash but not enough to run a cycle for the underwear alone.

For more durable underwear, you can use machine wash. More specific, cotton underwear actually benefit from getting tossed in the washing machine. 

Washing machines often have a program designed for underwear, which provides a gentle wash at low temperature. Here, too, you can use a little salt in the machine if this is the first time you wash them, to help maintain the colors.

Put your underwear in the lingerie bag and use mild detergent and start the program.

When the washing program is ready, pick out your panties and dry them by hanging them up. Alternatively, you can use dryers with the lowest setting to dry them.

When all your panties is dry, fold them carefully and place them in the wardrobe.

Make sure you change your panties every 3-6 months

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